Custom Web Development Services

We are a top-notch web development company with more than a decade of experience serving businesses with quality solutions. We have expertise in a wide range of web development services, and our portfolio speaks for itself. Although technology keeps changing now and then, we keep ourselves updated with the latest market trends in all the business niches. So, irrespective of your business niche, you can rely on us to design & develop engaging web solutions to market your brand. From conceptualization to designing and development, we take care of everything for your tailored web solutions.

We follow the customer-centric approach while developing web solutions for each of our clients. Over time, we have helped several startups and established companies create an impactful journey on the web. We deliver researched and well-versed solutions to meet your ROI expectations and goals. You may like to migrate from one of the web technologies to the other as per the demand of your industry; you can count on us for easy migration of your web solutions. It’s the right time for you to take your business across the globe; let’s connect and plan for the same.

Magnificent Designing

Get impactful websites tailored for your business that can amplify your revenue and discover growth opportunities.

Dynamic Features

Integrating third-party solutions, we can boost your web solutions’ functionalities for enriching your user experience.

Plugin Development

You may need advanced versions of certain plugins; we can develop custom plugins to extend the features you need.

Laravel Development Services

Laravel gives you a hold on rapid web development services tailored for your needs with advanced functionalities. It is one of the renowned open-source PHP web frameworks that’s gaining much popularity since 2018 after its stable version. The architectural pattern of Laravel makes it more authenticated for the retail industry. Its object-oriented design approach simplifies coding and makes it apt for the development of complex projects. Leveraging its CLI, we can extend functionalities of your website with publishing package assets, database migrations, control on models, and management migrations.

With Laravel, we can enable a scheduler for your CLIs utility. It allows programmatic scheduling for the periodical execution of tasks. To turn your modern web applications into more useful ones, events and broadcasting options can also be added to the applications to enable real-time data handling. Object Relational Mapper (ORM) makes interactions much easier with the help of app databases. Our custom web development services can help you with bug-free Laravel based web solutions scalable and flexible to meet your business needs.

    • Effective ORM
    • MVC Architecture Support
    • Modular & Inbuilt Libraries
    • Database Query Builder
    • Secure Migration Systems
    • Template Engine

    Codeigniter Development Services

    Codeigniter is yet another globally popular PHP MVC framework that can provide steadfast delivery of web solutions. Being an open-source platform saves you the cost of development. It gives CI developers greater freedom for building dynamic, robust websites and web applications. Codeigniter development is speedy and reliable. We provide an array of Codeigniter development services that help you scale your business in the least possible time. With our tailored web development services, we care to cater to your business requirements regardless of the extent of complexities. 

    The simplified coding norms of CodeIgniter enable restrictionless coding and easy customizations for your dynamic requirements. Codeigniter powered with in-built functionalities eases management and allows active record implementation. It provides exceptional performance with hassle-free migrations across the servers as per the requirement of PHP versions. Are you looking for Codeigniter development services for web solutions? We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality Codeigniter-based web solutions.

      • Built-in Packages
      • MVC Architecture
      • Ease of Customization
      • Simple Coding Norms
      • Exceptional Error Handling
      • Secure & Scalable

      PHP Development Services

      PHP is one of the most popular web development frameworks since its inception. From personal blogs to service-based businesses, or that for building an ecommerce store, PHP web development works well for everyone. It has a logically organized syntax that supports functional websites with easy scripting. It is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, namely UNIX, Solaris, Linux, etc. It can be easily integrated with other frameworks and technologies to make your web solutions future-ready. PHP is compatible with cloud computing solutions to meet your scaling business requirements without deteriorating user experience in any case.

      It is a platform-independent, server-side programming language that gives greater control and freedom to web developers. Being an efficient language, PHP is the choice of experts. It is flexible, scalable, and cross-platform compatible. Embedded with HTML programming, PHP eases the integration of technologies. A wide selection of databases proves to be effective, efficient, and compatible with advanced technologies. In addition, PHP is provided with an easy authentication system which makes it ideal for non-technical web owners. Do you want to make your PHP websites more functional? Our professional web developers integrate and advanced plugins to make your web solutions more effective.

        • Extensible Features
        • Easy Migration
        • Effective UI/UX Designs
        • Sturdy Architecture
        • Adaptable & Efficient
        • Platform Independent

        Python Development Services

        Web development with Python is like speaking your native language. The language is known for code readability, simple programming syntax, and global coding standards. Supported with automation, it excels in the gaming industry. It is very expressive, easier to debug and revamp. The support of Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes it a choice of business owners, even those who don’t have any technical background. Being an open-source framework, it saves the investment otherwise made in licensing. Irrespective of business sizes, you can rely on Python to get you promising web solutions. 

        It is one of the fastest-growing high-level programming languages, ideally for varying types of software solutions. The supporting Python libraries and frameworks focus on natural processing for machine learning applications. It is speedy, reliable, efficient, and compatible with most modern programming languages. Python is adaptable to the hottest trends of Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and others to most out of your gathered data. It eases analyzing data with Python libraries to turn it into a user-understandable format. Leveraging the platform’s flexibility, we put our smart efforts into uplifting your business with workable solutions.

          • Graphical User Interface
          • Dynamically Typed Language
          • Extensive User Library
          • Object-Oriented
          • Platform Independent
          • Extensible & Embeddable

          ROR Development Services

          Ruby On Rails (ROR) is a cost-effective open-source framework that runs on Linux. It is a scalable and high-performing framework to build databases and web applications and functional websites. ROR is easier to modify and secure to patch against vulnerabilities. It proves to be ten times faster than PHP-based web applications. Ruby often contributes as a reliable backend framework. The framework is provided with a rich library of plugins & modules to develop incredibly high-performing web solutions. It’s UI/UX can enrich the visual appearance of your web solutions.  

          ROR encourages TDD, and BDD design approaches for test-driven and behaviour-driven applications. This mini test tool provided in ROR eases testing and promotes bug-free development. Equipped with powerful tooling, it is known to reduce development costs and make your websites and web applications more secure. From single-page web applications to the development of complex web solutions, you can rely on ROR for your scalable web requirements. Supported with the large community on GitHub, ROR gives you a greater scope of exploring growth-biased functionalities.

            • MVC Architecture
            • Convention Over Configuration
            • Automated Deployment
            • Rich Library
            • In-built Testing Tools
            • Expressive Features Supporting UI/UX

            Hire Custom Web Development Company

            Hire dedicated web developers for your custom web development requirements from WeDoWebApps. We are a web development company with a massive talent pool of experienced web developers that can deliver promising web solutions for your business. Outsourcing your web development project to us can relax on one front and focus on other aspects of your goals. We have flexible engagement models to hire the best resources required for your project within your budget. When you have thousands of ideas juggling in your mind, our experts help you bring them to reality.

            Ready To Use Solutions You Can Count On

            Taxi Booking Application Development Company
            Taxi Booking Application Development Company

            Let's accelerate your taxi business. We have a tendency to bring the facility of technology to attach your cabs to many travelers.

            Online Food Ordering App Development Company
            Online Food Ordering App Development Company

            Connect foodies with nearby restaurants with an on-demand food delivery app development solution that offers you a competitive advantage.

            Sports and Fitness Application Development Company
            Sports and Fitness Application Development Company

            Being healthy and fit is always essential to lead a happy and delightful life. Mobility has completely changed the traditional way of fitness and sports activity.

            Video Streaming Application Development
            Video Streaming Application Development

            If an image worth a thousand words, at that point, a video merits a million. The streaming app is a customized media experience. From On-Demand Video Streaming to Live Streaming, we are specialists in building powerful video streaming applications.

            Industries We Serve


            Streamlining the operations of your healthcare centers with our full-fledged mobile applications.


            Quenching the hunger of businesses and customers with an application to manage your online food chain.


            Maintaining the sports spirit of your customers by serving them the right product or service with your mobile application.


            Spreading the novel trend of e-Learning by elevating the knowledge transfer & art of tutoring to the next level.


            Reach the people with HD videos & quality music to redefine their experience of entertainment.


            Valuing the comfort of your customers, we design applications that serve your purpose well.

            BANKING & FINANCE

            Win the trust of your customers with the safest transactions and secure banking experience.

            E-COMMERCE & RETAIL

            Renovating your traditional businesses to go global and cross the horizons to find flawless growth opportunities.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Do you redesign our existing websites as well?

            You may have an existing website that is outdated as per the current trends, and you are planning to renovate it. We can help you redesign your existing websites and keep them up-to-date with your latest offerings.

            Do you provide international services as well?

            Yes. We know the language of technology, and we have our client base spread across the globe. We design exceptionally customized websites matching global standards.

            How long do you take to build customized websites?

            The customized websites are the ones built from scratch on the technology of your choice. We put our efforts and dedication into designing the solutions with the features you like. The complexities involved will decide the timeline of web development. To add clarity, share your custom web development requirements with us, and we will brief you about deliverables in detail.

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