The Latest Trends in Application Development: Insights from Top Development Companies

The Latest Trends in Application Development: Insights from Top Development Companies

27th, July 2023
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With more than 6.4 billion mobile network subscribers in 2022 worldwide and a forecasted value of 7.7 billion by 2028 per Statista, you can imagine the increasing smartphone penetration rate across the globe. This surge paves the way for businesses to bring their offerings to customers with easy-to-use mobile applications. The tribe of tech geeks, researchers, and developers everywhere are constantly putting efforts into improving technology to bridge the gap between businesses and customers. 

In this blog, we explore the latest application development trends that are shaping the future of the tech industry. From AI-powered apps to IoT-based solutions, we cover it all. Stay ahead of the game and learn about the cutting-edge tools and technologies that can help you create powerful and user-friendly applications. Join us on this journey into the exciting world of app development!

Latest Application Development Trends from Top App Development Companies 

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 

AI/ML are buzzwords these days, especially after the launch of ChatGPT. I’m sure each one of you has tried using ChatGPT and other AI-driven tools at least once in the last few months. Every renowned brand out there is trying the best ways to integrate AI into its digital assets in some way to enhance customer engagement. Microsoft transformed its search engine Bing to Bing Chat after this to let its customers get answers to searches in chat rather than a series of website links pointing to probable answers in SERPs. Google introduced Google Labs for all the Google products on the web and app to let us use the magic of AI-powered search experiences. In the backend, the tech names out there are using Generative AI models to train their algorithms to enrich their user experiences. You can ride through the wave of AI by hiring any app development company to help you add advanced AI features like speech recognition, recommendation engines, chat automation, financial forecasting and more. 

Maintain Design Uniformity with Material Design 

App developers across the globe are using material design ideas to create responsive animations, media content and everything to create a seamless experience for users. Though the material design language was developed by Google in 2014 for Android platforms, I’m not talking here about Android applications only. The point is about embedding the idea of uniform design across all the devices for users for a quick and simplified understanding of the app navigation and features. It creates consistent familiarity for app users across devices. Moreover, it builds a cohesive brand image and ensures future-proof applications. 

Instant Apps

“Instant Apps” is another interesting feature introduced by Google for Android applications which lets users use certain features of the application without installing it. You can check for the link of the application on the web if they have an instant app, you can click on the link to use the application on your smartphone and download it if you are satisfied. Such a feature was broadly opted by businesses working on gaming applications to let their users try testing the game before actually installing it. It helps acquire new users with the instant “try on” option. You can count on this trend if you are offering any software service like sketch or photo editing in addition to gaming businesses. The only limitation here is that the feature applies to Android applications only. So, if Android is your only choice you can leverage this feature to improve your user acquisition by hiring an agency that offers Android development services

Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

AR/VR has changed the interactions we did using our mobile phones when they just came into the market. The technology is capable of changing the real-world environment overlapping it with a digital version of virtual reality. I’m, sure you’ve heard of Pokemon Go even if not played. That’s an AR application for gaming businesses. Ecommerce mobile apps are using AR to let users try on products like clothing and makeup virtually. That’s helping brands reduce their product return rates. Also, ed-tech businesses are using AR to present 3D models to bring a better understanding of the concepts. In this era of digital education, the AR headsets in the educational kit are also helping students take to feel that they are present in the classroom even when opting for courses from distant educational centers. Now that you know several ways in which brands are leveraging AR/VR tech, you can connect with a mobile app development company to implement it for your mobile app per your business offerings. 

Increase Customer Retention with SuperApps 

Will you install payment apps, banking apps, shopping apps, photo editing apps, OTT apps, and gaming apps distinctly if you get access to all these services over one app? I don’t think so! Also, if so many things will be available in one place, your customers will spend more time using your app. That’s what SuperApps are capable of doing. SuperApps aka all-in-one apps are mobile applications designed to offer a wide range of services under one umbrella. You might have heard of TataNeu by Tata Group, it’s the super app that gives you access to shop from multiple brands and partner brands of Tata Group without navigating between their individual apps. It not only creates streamlined user experience but also engages with the customers of multiple brands for marketing and promotion. You can also consider a renowned payment gateway PayTm which offers a payment wallet, recharge services, ticket booking, investment options, games, and shopping all the utilities centrally from one application. Recently, Elon Musk unveiled his plan for turning Twitter into a Super App. Unsure if that will happen or not, you can still explore the trend of SuperApps for your business. 

IoT Integration to the Cloud-based Apps

Unlike the old days, now all the applications are hosted on the cloud servers making them more cost-effective, scalable, accessible, and secure. Since cloud-based applications are easier to integrate with third-party services and APIs, it opens doors for interconnection among physical devices. When combined with mobile applications, the Internet of Things (IoT) opens a world of opportunities to improve user experiences. You can check its application for smart home automation, wearable and health monitoring devices, industrial process automation, energy management, creating smart retail experiences for shoppers, asset tracking and much more. Hiring top mobile app developers can let you decode the implementation of IoT for you. 

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